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      Contact us
      Jiaxing Green Silicone Co., Ltd.
      Add:Xinfeng Town, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province,China
      Fax:+86-573-83022977turn 816
      Contact:Liu Jiangang
      Location: Home > Enterprise culture

      Insist on people oriented, fully develop and respect personal ability.


      Insisit on morality first, ability second. We pay attention to workers potentiality and quality, teamwork and develpoment. Our requirement of workers are: excellent character, good quality, excellent communication ability, good teamwork spirit, excellent professional knowledge, good service sense.


      Green’s enterprise culture has broad-minded. Gentleness and tolerance is Green’s sense of worth.? We pay more attention to talent,and always give more thance to talent.


      Green cares for every worker’s individual development, and we give more chance to workers to show themselvies and develop freely. We are concerned about workers, solve workers actual problem, pay more attentiion to improve workers’ ability. It totally show democracy, equality, competition, efficiency in labor allocation system, personnel system, distribution system. We create a nice enviroment for workers, cultivate a team of workers who are loyal to Green, let every work grow together with Green.

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